Bet365 No Deposit Bonus for New Poker Players

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No deposit bonus at bet365 PokerBet365 Poker: The Complete Review

Bet365 Poker is certainly one of the more popular Poker sites, especially for players from the UK and Europe. At any one time, there are usually thousands of players on the site playing in the various poker tournaments and games in progress.

In this article, we’ll review the entire site with a view to how the site matches up to the needs and wants of a novice poker player, or a micro stakes player.

Site Design     (Score- 6/10)

The first thing to note is that while the Bet365 parent site is very straightforward to navigate, once you have downloaded the Bet365 Poker software and registered and head to the site using the newly generated link on your desktop, this intuitiveness is somewhat lost.

The site could and should be of a more intuitive and user-friendly design – Bet365 Poker offers a large number of different tournaments and games in a number of different categories and while the initial navigation to a game of your choice is relatively easy, when you try to find a game to play, the screen becomes quickly cluttered.

A key problem is that the text is very small and the somewhat cryptic descriptions of the tournaments available can leave a beginner somewhat bewildered and not really understanding what the tournament means.

Lastly, the way the site updates games means you can be looking at a game with free seats, but if you are not quick enough, the table fills up and play begins, moving the table in the list and leaving you having to navigate back to the games that are available, which is frustrating and time consuming.

bet365 Poker Sign Up & Incentives   (Score 10/10)

One of the most positive aspects of Bet365 Poker is the bonuses on offer to new players. All new players receive a free £5 bonus to start playing and when you make a deposit you qualify for a 200% first deposit bonus, which means you can start your bankroll nicely even with a modest deposit.

However, it is worth noting that this bonus cash is only freed to use once players accrue enough merit points. The up side of this is that your bonus can be paid out to you over several months, meaning you have cash coming in, the downside is you have to put more of your own cash at risk to access the bonus money.

Lastly, the Poker University run by the site is very good for novice and new players to learn the basics of the game (as well as allowing access to specialist new player only freeroll events). In terms of offers for new players, Bet365 Poker does score very well.

Freerolls/Micro Stakes Game at bet365’s Poker Room  (Score 6.5/10)

As a new player, once you have completed your ‘course’ at Bet365 Poker University, you are eligible for both the new player freeroll and the university freeroll. To register for these tournaments, Bet365 will send you a token that allows you entry into the next scheduled tournament.

One of the best aspects of Bet365 Poker is the number of micro stakes games available. Whether you want to play in a Sit & Go game, a tournament or at a micro-stakes cash table, there are plenty of options available, though at busier times, you can face a long wait for a place to become available at a micro stakes table, especially in the cash games.

The number of freerolls available however is disappointing and the scarcity of these games means that they tend to attract a vast number of players, especially when compared to freeroll games on other sites, thus lessening your chances of winning a relatively meagre sum still further.

Ease of Use    (Score 7/10)

Is Bet365 Poker easy to use? Well, yes and no is the honest answer. The sign up process and playing in your beginner freeroll events and registering for the VIP Points scheme are all very simple. Basic navigation on the site too is easy.

However, when you start looking in more detail at individual poker games, it can easily become daunting for new users. The game descriptions are not easy to understand to anything less than a very experienced player. The sheer number of players means that tables quickly get filled meaning by the time you have read what  type of game is on a table, the table is full and you can no longer play.

Fortunately, if you persevere with this, the actual gameplay at the poker tables is very smooth and has some very handy features (such as having four coloured suits) which makes tracking hands much easier. I also really like the “anonymous” feature on cash tables, which stops poker sharks targeting inferior players for a quick cash grab.

Choice of Games on offer at bet365 Poker  (Score 9/10)

We’ve already mentioned that Bet365 Poker has a large number of games available for the user and this usually is a good thing as it means much more choice for the player.

However, the information provided about some of the games, particularly satellites, tournaments and certain other sit and go and cash games, is often written in language that new users are not likely to be overly familiar with.

For example, if you play in a satellite event, it is not immediately apparent whether you are entering the event at the first stage, the quarter final stage, semi final stage, or the final event. Other sites make this abundantly clear and this is lacking on Bet365 Poker.

That gripe aside, the choice of games on offer and the stakes you can play for means that Bet365 Poker is still worth persevering with.

Quality of bet365 Poker Opponents & Gameplay (Score 8/10)

As with most poker sites, there is a real mix of abilities in the people you play and it is fair to say that the majority of players on the site are of at least an average ability, if not better.

New players need to be wary of slow playing. This is where an experienced player will keep checking even in the event of having a strong hand, in the hope of attracting a big bet from a player either bluffing, or in the belief that their more modest hand is the best at the table. Once the big bet is made, the experienced player will then go all in, forcing you to either risk all your stack, or lose your chips already committed to the pot.

In terms of gameplay, the graphics and presentation of the games are excellent. I like the fact that the screen can be resized to suit the user with no loss of clarity and the games certainly appear to be fair. There were far less ‘miracle’ wins I witnessed playing Bet365 poker than I have other sites, where a player with 2 7 unsuited would miraculously go all in pre flop and defeat a player with pocket aces on a seemingly regular basis.

Bet365 Poker: Overall Rating    (Score 8.5/10)

There are many excellent features with Bet365 and to be honest, it is only the presentation of the games and the explanation behind them that really lets the site down. However, if you are prepared to persevere with this and investigate each game fully before committing to play, then you are in for a treat.

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