11 JanWhy Do Poker Sites Offer Poker Bonuses?

Poker bonus codes are offered to lure you into joining a certain poker site, but believe it or not, it’s not all about generating more income for the site. It’s just as fruitful for you as an online poker player. It’s all because of the more people that they have depositing and withdrawing money brings more authority to the site in the eyes of the search engines and they will no doubt be featured in news reports and press releases for having either the most members or having the biggest increase in members. This breadth of advertising is more valuable than a promotional bonus code for new members.

So, it’s not a scam as some would have you believe. It’s more of a free gift to give you the chance to try the online poker room out and see if you like it. If you do, then great, if not, then you can try another site and collect their bonus code in the process. That’s the beauty about online poker rooms and trying to earn a living from it, you can technically join as many poker rooms as possible and collect many codes so you can profit from them. There is no limit to how may poker bonus codes you can join with and this just makes it easier for you to join bigger and better tournaments or play in a higher-staked game than you’re used to.

Just as with real life casinos, online ones offer bonuses just as land-based casinos give you free food and drink. The more buy-ins they make the more money they do, but it also means that you have more chances to win lots of money playing online poker. So, next time you want to play poker, have a look around for the best Titan Poker poker bonus code or any other and join them all.