14 JanThe Poker Bonus – Adding to your Bankroll

The fierce competition in the online poker industry induces online poker room operators to offer bonuses and promotions to attract new clients and retain existing members. A poker bonus is of great help in building your bankroll. However, there is always a “catch” – it is never free money that you could directly utilize. A poker bonus almost always has certain wagering conditions attached. 

First, check the poker bonus conditions

Every online poker site will have terms and conditions, but for the most part these are legal requirements and it is essential to read these terms of use before you sign up at the site. As far as the poker bonus is concerned, there will be separate terms and conditions which you must read and understand completely before you even accept it. Expert online players will advise you to “read the fine print” so you know what the catch is. More often than not, you will need to play a certain number of raked hands to earn loyalty points. Once you have collected the requisite number of loyalty points, your bonus will be released into your poker account.

To clear your poker bonus, you will be given a time limit, which differs from one poker site to another. The time frame can range from anything between 15 days to 90 days. Obviously, the longer the time frame, the better it is for you to clear the bonus. Since you would be playing poker anyway, it is not a big issue to collect the points for raked hands.

Many factors affect your poker bonus clearance rate

As you might have guessed, there are a few factors that will affect how quickly you clear your bonus when you play poker online, depending on the conditions placed by the poker site. At BestPoker.com for example, new players are welcomed with 100% first deposit bonus. There are six different bonuses for different levels of players, so you can choose from a poker bonus of $50, $100, $300, $600, $1200 and $2000 to suit your level of play. 

Every poker room has its own rules regarding the collection of points and what constitutes a raked hand. Wagering requirements for the BestPoker bonus in our example is eight times player points. If you consider the $50 bonus, you have ninety days to collect 400 player points to clear that bonus. The bonus is released in 5 installments of $10 each so you have to collect 80 points to receive one installment of $10.

The second factor to affect your poker bonus clearing rate is the stakes at which you play. Higher stakes will generate a bigger rake helping you to clear your bonus faster. However, a word of caution for beginners – although new players may be tempted to play for higher stakes, they must ensure that they have a sufficient bankroll.

Finally, the number of tables you play also has an impact on the bonus clearance. The stakes you play at determine the hourly bonus clearing rate while the number of tables you play will determine how fast you clear the bonus. The more tables you play at a time, the faster your generation of rake and thus faster clearance of your poker bonus. 

Types of poker bonuses 

We have explained only the Sign up or welcome bonus meant for new members till now. But a poker room offers a number of other bonuses for its existing players as well. Some poker rooms offer a poker bonus when you top up your account. This is known as the reload bonus. Some poker rooms also offer a no deposit bonus to new members. Here, the members are not required to make a cash deposit, but the site credits a poker bonus into their account. No deposit bonus is generally a very small amount up to a maximum of $20. Still, it is free cash to play poker. 

The Poker Rakeback

By now you must have understood how the poker room makes its revenues. The rake is a small percentage of the pot that the poker room charges for hosting poker ring games. Players also pay entry fees to participate in poker tournaments. These are the two main factors that constitute the rake. Poker rooms now have rakeback deals for the members wherein they return a small percentage of the rake into the player’s account. A rakeback improves the players bankroll; it could therefore be considered as a kind of poker bonus.